Call for Papers

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Step one of the submission process

The program committee is soliciting contributions that address the primary theme or other topics in biodiversity biobanking. Abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations may be submitted for the following session or symposium topics:

  1. Biodiversity Biobank Collections (from vertebrates to microbes)
  2. Large Scale Genomic Initiatives and GGBN
  3. Frontiers in biobanking collections: sampling and preservation
  4. Culture Collections-microbial collections and collections of cultured cells
  5. Environmental specimens
  6. Nagoya Protocol-where to next?
  7. Crop wild relatives and medical plant diversity
  8. Biodiversity Biobank Data and Analytics
  9. Large-scale biobanks/Biobank Networks in Asia-Pacific

Author Guidelines

We use the Open Conference System for submissions. Please ensure that you fill out all required fields.

We are encouraging presentations that speak to the challenges and prospects for biodiversity biobanking in all respects.

  • All abstracts must be submitted before 23:59 China Standard Time, April 1st, 2020. Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until sessions are filled. Therefore, we recommend that you submit abstracts at your earliest convenience.
  • When there is more than one author, the first author will be assumed to be the point of contact. This person or a designated substitute must be available for correspondence between the submission deadline and the meeting.
  • The abstract body should not exceed 500 words.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed only by the program committee and formatted for consistency before being accepted and made available on the GGBN website and in the meeting program.
  • Submission of an abstract does not imply automatic acceptance.
  • Abstracts will be provided to meeting attendees and will also be assembled into a formal post-meeting Proceedings.
Further information about abstracts can be obtained from the Program Committee:

This conference has not yet started accepting submissions.