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Most of the presentations are now available through the GGBN Document Library as open access docs, some are available in the library only. Links are provided below. Presentations with restricted access can be located on the Document Library under the Category “GGBN Conferences,” Subcategory “GGBN 2016 Conference. Please contact to request a library account.

Sunday, June 19

Joint fieldtrips with SPNHC, all fieldtrips are in parallel
1) Messel & Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main), Sun morning - Mon evening
2) Darß and Maritime Museum Stralsund, Sun morning - Mon evening

Monday, June 20

Joint fieldtrips with SPNHC, all fields trips are in parallel
1) Messel & Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main), Sun morning - Mon evening
2) Darß and Maritime Museum Stralsund , Sun morning - Mon evening
3) Schorfheide, Mon full day
4) Spreewald, Mon full day
5) Steppe birds and grassland restoration, Mon full day

9.00AM-12.00PMWorkshop Environmental SamplesBGBM lecture hallIntro/Summary PDF
Zimmermann PDF
Kusber & Jahn PDF
Schigel et al. PDF
2.00PM-5.00PMWorkshop GGI GardensBGBM lecture hall
2.00PM-5.00PMVendor's set upandel's
6.00PMIcebreaker under the dinosaurs & Guided ToursMfN main hall

Tuesday, June 21

8.30AM-6.30PMRegistration, posters set upandel's
9.00AM-12.00PMWorkshop Cryopreservation for microorganisms and plantsMfN
9.00AM-12.00PMGGBN General Assembly (GGBN members only)MfN

12.00PM-1.30PMLunch breakandel's Rubin

2.00PM-3.00PMOfficial opening SPNHC and GGBNandel's Saphir
3.00PM-4.00PMKeynote SPNHC: Michael Braungardt - The 'cradle to cradle' design conceptandel's Saphir

4.00PM-4.30PMCoffee breakandel's Rubin

4.30PM-5.30PMKeynote GGBN: Ole Seberg - Preserving a Cross Section of the Tree of Lifeandel's SaphirPDF (Login required)
5.30PM-7.00PMGGBN Task Force meeting (Task Force members only)tba
7.30PMOptional social eventtba

Wednesday, June 22

8.30AM-5.30PMRegistration, Trade show, Poster displayandel's
Plenary Session I - Preserving a Cross Section of the Tree of Life
9.00AM-9.25AMKeynote David Schindel - Thematic, Demand-driven Sampling of the Tree of Life: Barcode of Wildlife Projectandel's OnyxPDF
9.25AM-9:50AMKeynote Vicki Funk - 21st Century Collection Based Science and the Role of GGI-Gardensandel's Onyx
9:50AM-10.15AMKeynote Elke Zippel - Seed Banks for Wild Plants as a Source for Research as well as Conservation Purposesandel's OnyxPDF

10.15AM-10.45AMCoffee breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 10-10.30

10.45AM-11.00AMNeil Davies - Genomic Observatories: Sampling the Planetary Genome through Space and Timeandel's OnyxPDF
11.00AM-11.15AMWolf Eiserhardt et al. - Sampling all plant and fungal genera for the Tree of Lifeandel's OnyxPDF
11.15AM-11.30AMJudit Vörös et al. - Conserving biodiversity of Pannonian region with the Biobank of the Hungarian Natural History Museumandel's OnyxPDF
11.30AM-11.45AMClaudia Medina et al. - Preserving a part of the tree of life from a megadiverse country: The case of the tissue collection of Humboldt Institute, Colombiaandel's Onyx
11.45AM-12.00PMTim Fulcher - DNA and Tissue Collection, use and associated collections, at RBG Kew over nearly a quarter of a centuryandel's Onyx
12.00PM-12.15PMAndrew Chibuzor Iloh - DNA sequence banking of medicinal plants and its use in authentication of raw and processed herbal medicines in Nigeriaandel's OnyxPDF

12.15PM-1.45PMLunch breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 12.10-13.30
12.30PM-1.45PMGGBN Executive Committee meeting (members only)tba

Symposium I - Access and Benefit Sharing
1.45PM-2.00PMCarol Butler & Conny Löhne - Introductionandel's Onyx
2.00PM-2.20PMConny Löhne - Access and Benefit-Sharing: Introduction to the concept, its implementation and its relevance for genomic collections and researchers in Europeandel's OnyxPDF
2.20PM-2.35PMManuela da Silva - The new Brazilian ABS legislation (Law 13.123) and its impact on scientific researchandel's OnyxPDF
2.35PM-2.50PMCarol Butler - NMNH's practices regarding the Nagoya Protocolandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
2.50PM-3.30PMCarol Butler & Conny Löhne - Discussionandel's Onyx

3.30PM-4.00PMCoffee breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 3.10-3.40

Symposium II - How to achieve a global genomic collection
4.00PM-4.15PMJon Coddington - Introduction
4.15PM-4.30PMHolger Zetzsche et al. - Biodiversity biobanking: DNA isolation and storage for the long termandel's Onyx
4.30PM-4.45PMJonas Astrin et al. - Optimizing and standardizing the preservation of animal tissue samples for molecular biodiversity researchandel's OnyxPDF
4.45PM-5.00PMJon Coddington - Time, preservation method, and temperature on genomic DNA quality resultsandel's OnyxPDF
5.00PM-5.30PMJon Coddington - Discussionandel's Onyx
6.30PM-9.30PMGuided Bicycle Tour through BerlinBerlin :)

Thursday, June 23

8.30AM-5.00PMRegistration, Trade show, Poster displayandel's
Plenary Session II - Turning historical collections into genomic resources - sampling the lost world
8.30AM-8.55AMKeynote Michael Hofreiter - Genomic analyses from highly degraded DNAandel's OnyxPDF
8.55AM-9:20AMKeynote Pete Hollingsworth - DNA barcoding and natural history collectionsandel's Onyx
9:20AM-9.35AMMike Thiv - In and out – herbarium collections as a sink and source for floristic mappingandel's OnyxPDF
9:35AM-9.50AMSelina Brace - Recovering DNA from museum collections: parasitic wasp taxonomy and bumblebee conservationandel's Onyx
9:50AM-10.05AMIlektra Schulz - Characteristics and Challenges of Working with Ancient Human Materialandel's OnyxPDF

10.05AM-10.35AMCoffee breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 9.50-10.20

SYNTHESYS Symposium - Policies for new physical collections
10.35AM-10.50AMOle Seberg - SYNTHESYS & GGBNandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
10.50AM-11.05AMBreda Zimkus - Building a better biorepository: applying best practices to the operation of natural history collectionsandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
11.05AM-11.20AMRhinaixa Duque-Thüs et al. - Enhancing accessibility and conservation of plant tissue samples stored in silica gel at the RBG Kewandel's Onyx
11.20AM-11.50PMOle Seberg & Thomas von Rintelen - Discussionandel's Onyx

12.00PM-1.30PMVendors' Lunch breakandel's Onyx/RubinSPNHC break: 12-1.30

Plenary Session III - We Can’t Save Them All: Assessing ex situ conservation across time, technology, and the uncertainty of the future
1.30PM-1.55PMKeynote Paul Smith - A botanic garden centred Global System for the conservation and use of plant diversityandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
2.00PM-2.20PMKeynote Marlys Houck - The Frozen Zoo®: It began with a cellandel's Onyx
2.20PM-2.45PMKeynote Paula Bramel - Safeguarding Crop Biodiversity to Find the Genes to Feed the Futureandel's OnyxPDF
2.45PM-3.00PMEva-Maria Sehr - Genetic diversity of Austrian flax accessions – a case study for ex situ germplasm characterizationandel's Onyx

3.00PM-3.30PMCoffee breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 2.50-3.20

3.30PM-3.45PMDennis Stevenson - Forty Years Of Cycad Ex Situ Conservationandel's Onyx
3.45PM-4.00PMKim Labuschagne et al. - Tree of Life: Biomaterial ex situ in situ approachesandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
4.00PM-4.15PMElke Heine-Dobbernack & Heinz Martin Schumacher - Biodiversity at DSMZ - Protection of Nature and Preservation Technology
andel's Onyx
6.00PM-12.00AMDinner & Guided ToursBGBM green houses

Friday, June 24

8.30AM-2.00PMRegistration, Trade show, Poster displayandel's
Symposium III - Best practice for data and collections management
9.00AM-9.10AMGabi Droege - Introductionandel's OnyxIntro PDF
Summary enviro WS PDF
9.10AM-9:25AMMargaret Cawsey - Management and discoverability of genetic samples in Australiaandel's OnyxPDF
9:25AM-9.40AMXun Xu - Biodiversity Biobanking in China National GeneBank: from single biobank to international networksandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
9:40AM-9.55AMIvaylo Kostadinov - The GFBio Brokerage Service for Standards-compliant, Long-term Archival of Molecular Sequence Dataandel's Onyx
9:55AM-10.10AMDmitry Schigel - Crosslinking species occurrences and molecular evidence for species identitiesandel's OnyxPDF
10.10AM-10.30AMGabi Droege - Discussionandel's Onyx

10.30AM-11.00AMCoffee breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 9.50-10.20

Symposium IV - Knowledge exchange beyond genomic samples: biodiversity biobanks for veterinary, agriculture, culture collections and natural history collection
11.00AM-11.15AMJackie Mackenzie-Dodds - Introduction and GGBN Document Libraryandel's OnyxPDF
11.15AM-11.30AMKim Labuschagne et al. - Biodiversity Biobanks: linking ex situ and in situ collectionsandel's OnyxPDF (Login required)
11.30AM-11.45AMJonas Astrin et al. - Trends in Biobanking: a Bibliometric Overviewandel's OnyxPDF
11.45AM-12.00PMEileen Graham - A Global Registry for Scientific Collections: Striking a Balance between Disciplinary Detail and Interdisciplinary Discoverabilityandel's OnyxPDF
12.00PM-12.20PMJackie Mackenzie-Dodds & Katie Barker - Discussionandel's Onyx
12.20PM-12.30PMClosing the conferenceandel's Onyx

12.30PM-2.00PMLunch breakandel's RubinSPNHC break: 12.30-2

2.00PM-3.30PMVendors' breakdown, Poster removalandel's

Saturday, June 25

1.30PM-4.30PMWorkshop Access and Benefit SharingMfN