Sessions and workshops are planned on Concerted collecting and sampling strategies to preserve the Tree of Life, Sampling the lost world in Natural History Collections, Nagoya Protocol: consequences and solutions, Knowledge exchange: natural history meets applied biobanking, Implementing GGBN standards and best practices. The Tradeshow will bring together a host of vendors whose products and technologies help us meet the unique demands of the 21st century collections care, access, and use. A variety of fieldtrips highlighting Berlin’s history and culture will be offered. Social events include an ice breaker and reception dinner.

Conference Map

andel's Hotel BGBM MfN


Organizing Committee

  • Gabi Droege, BGBM, Co-Chair
  • Thomas von Rintelen, MfN, Co-Chair
  • Katie Barker, NMNH
  • Ole Seberg, NHM Denmark

Scientific Committee

  • Carol Butler, NMNH
  • Ana Casino, CETAF AISBL
  • Eileen Graham, SciColl
  • Kim Labuschagne, NZP
  • David Schindel, SciColl
  • Rui Zhang, China National GeneBank